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So anyways, i'm not feeling terribly good about my existence these days. I have ONE exam coming up in a few days, in a comparatively good class, and yet the prospect of it is still messing badly with my head. I would rather lie in bed for four days straight than i would bother with one more exam. Mom's doing her best to motivate me, and while i appreciate her efforts, i think they're going into the wrong place. On top of that, mostly everything about being a Hard Working Citizen(tm) seems appallingly terrible to me. In my eyes, there's just something inherently wrong with labelling work as "something you don't care for but you have to do anyways because otherwise you'll go broke". The fact that you have to spend most of your waking hours doing something like that? Fuck that shit. I already barely have the energy to keep up a study at reduced work load, and from what i hear, most jobs are much more draining. Let me outline the things about my current future that i do not look forward to:

- Less spare time
- More soul-crushing work
- Demanding bosses
- Higher expectations
- Probably depression if i know my luck right

Basically, a high salary falls second to enjoying what i do. If i was offered a million dollar salary job that i couldn't stand versus a minimum wage job that i would have fun with, i would pick the latter, without a second of hestitation. I may be a terrible capitalist, but money does not justify unhappiness for me. This is also why it's so important for me to find a study that doesn't easily turn into a daily grind. It is also astonishingly hard to convince myself that "necessary evils" are actually necessary, because it just sounds like someone cocked up somewhere in order for that to be necessary. Cock-ups can be fixed, making the "evil" unnecessary. Of course, it might not actually BE like that, but it's how i feel about the subject matter.

TL;DR blargh


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Søren Ovesen
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hi hello greetings

i doodle things and also ramble



pigeonpaint by shook12
[uninteresting painting intensifies]

The legs are WAY too long for a pigeon. :v
so did i ever tell you about red swooshylines by shook12
so did i ever tell you about red swooshylines
Made as a response to a guy who probably jokingly expressed his disappointment in the presence of a swooshyline in this doodle:

So i'm like hey, what an excellent time to imply strangulation with what is probably the most overtly sinister rendition ever of the usual dinosaur that i always draw. :U
plaguebro by shook12
[facemask intensifies]

Considering that i only spent 30 minutes on this, i'm pretty happy with it. :v
So a guy wanted me to draw more dawg. Some other guy suggested a dawg suplexing a bear. First guy had birfday, but i couldn't see how a dog would suplex anything given their anatomy. The solution is PILEDRIVER. Can't say i regret it despite the implied animal violence. :v

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